iCUHTec Launch

The international Centre for Usable Home Technology (iCUHTec) will launch formally on Tuesday, June 21st., 2016 during the 1st Conference of the Telehealth Quality Group: New Routes to Integrated Care – the Challenge of Assistive Technologies, Telehealth and Telecare (


iCUHTec will retain the FREE MEMBERSHIP model of its predecessor, the Centre for Usable Home Technology (at the University of York and then at Newcastle and Coventry Universities). It is seeking appropriate sponsorship and/or partnerships with appropriate organisations that can help it achieve its aims of improving:

  • awareness,
  • knowledge,
  • applications, and
  • designs of

quality products and services that can benefit all people, and their carers, to improve their Quality of Life, well-being, sense of independence and ability to achieve their life goals.

Interested parties should contact the iCUHTec director:  Kevin Doughty


Mobile:  (+44) 07810797971

Details of regular regional events and of training opportunities will be available soon.



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