iCUHTec is a (free) membership organisation. We encourage all organisations and individuals who have an interest in technologies that can help make household tasks easier or safer to join. Indeed, we recognise that the home has always been (and perhaps will always be) at the centre of our lives, so iCUHTec is keen to also consider technologies that make the home more responsive to our needs, including those devices that we might wear or take with us when we are away from our homes.
It is unnecessary to list the groups who may be attracted to iCUHTec membership, but we have had a go at naming the first 20 that came into our heads.

• Sponsors
• Local authorities
• NHS organisations
• Telecare service providers
• Housing providers
• Domiciliary care providers
• Support organisations
• Third sector groups including societies and charities
• Product developers
• Device or product manufacturers
• Distributors of all technology items
• Web or store-based retailers
• Specialist maintenance and installation groups
• App or website developers
• Energy and utility companies
• Telecommunication organisations
• Software engineers
• E-healthcare specialists
• System integrators
• Individuals

To join, please complete the form that you can find here (for individuals) and here (for organisations), and email it to us. We ask for your industry sector or expertise – but this isn’t essential because iCUHTec membership is free for all groups whether you are an individual or the chief executive of a Clinical Commissioning board. Indeed, we have no problem with people joining as individuals, and also being members through their organisation. This free and unrestricted membership offer is also available irrespective of where you happen to live or work – so we are more than happy to include anyone from any continent. Unfortunately, some of our events will not be available to those of you who are outside the UK – but we’d like to think that these meetings might become virtual in the future, allowing members from other countries to join us through a virtual link.