iCUHTec is pleased to announce two free new regional events for November 2017. Both are new ventures and are facilitated by our partners.

  1. The North Wales Digital Care Day

Conwy Business Centre, Llandudno Junction

Date and times to be announced

This event follows an exhibition of relevant technologies (from 12 noon) which members are also invited to view and to interact with various supply companies including 3Rings, Legrand, Tunstall, Oysta, Keynetics and T-Cubed.

Individuals are encouraged to join iCUHTec (free of charge) and to turn up on the day.


Please note that existing members of iCUHTec can drop in on us without the need for a ticket.

An informal agenda will be set. Members are encouraged to submit topics for discussion.


  1. The West Midlands iCUHTec Forum

This event will be held in Great Malvern on Monday, November 27th. in partnership with Keynetics.

Places will be limited, so members, new and old, are encouraged to book their tickets here: