Kevin Doughty has over 30 years of experience in the care and support industry. This includes:
•    Developing and running a residential care home for the elderly
•    Establishing the UK’s first academic Telecare research group (at the University of Wales in Bangor) which, through spin-out company Technology in Healthcare, designing the smart sensors and systems that could extend the scope of community alarm systems into robust telecare services
•    Demonstrating the potential, through MIDAS, for the continuous remote monitoring of domestic activities and control of actuators that could provide smart home functionality
•    Evaluating the performance of telecare services using a unique published framework that considers
•    Preparing local authority, NHS and housing association strategies for telecare and assistive technology services
•    Developing the specifications for out-sourced services
•    Advising on design, testing and promotional strategies for new products

His expertise has been employed, over the years, by:
•    Government-funded agencies and projects – in Wales, Scotland, England and Queensland (Australia)
•    Local authorities – including Leeds, Rochdale, Neath and Port Talbot, Newham, Lambeth, Southwark, Liverpool, Cheshire, Gloucestershire, West Sussex and Wrexham
•    Housing associations and telecare services – including Pennaf, Hanover (Scotland), Fold (Northern Ireland) and Worcester Telecare
•    NHS Trusts – Blackpool and Fylde Coast Foundation Trust
•    Private companies and their Investors – including UK, Ireland, France, USA and Australia
•    Manufacturers and designers – both of hardware and software solutions
•    Third sector organisations – such as Carers Trust

Dr Doughty is available to share his expertise as a consultat for private commissions; but most major consultancy work is performed in partnership with T-Cubed Ltd, who are specialists in telecare and assistive technologies, and who have complementary skills and capabilities that support longer term and multi-dimensional projects.

In the first instance, organisations who are interested in engaging iCUHTec for consultancy work, should in the first instance contact: